HTML5 Pocket Reference - Jennifer Robbins

HTML5 Pocket Reference

  • Release Date: Jul 19th, 2013
  • Genre: Internet


Need help finding the right HTML5 element or attribute for your web page or application? HTML5 Pocket Reference is the classic reference that web designers and developers have been keeping close at hand for more than thirteen years.

This fifth edition has been updated to reflect the current state of HTML5, including the HTML5 Candidate Recommendation, the emerging HTML5.1 Working Draft, and the living WHATWG standard. Features include:
An alphabetical listing of every element and attribute in HTML5, HTML5.1, and the WHATWG living standardDescriptions, markup examples, content categories, content models, and start- and end-tag requirements for every elementAt-a-glance notes indicating the differences between the HTML5 specifications and HTML 4.01Useful charts of special charactersAn overview of HTML5 APIs
If you’re an experienced web designer or developer who needs a quick resource for working with established web standards, this handy book is indispensable.


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