Jeshua - John Cech


  • Release Date: Aug 9th, 2018
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


What if, one day, an ancient codex was discovered that was written by Jeshua ben Joseph (whom we know today as Jesus of Nazareth), and that these pages were an account of his perilous journey from childhood to manhood. This is the premise of John Cechs novel, Jeshua, which follows the experiences of the boy and young man who would become one of the worlds most important spiritual leaders. Jeshua sheds a brilliant light on many of the questions about the lost years of Jesus after he disappears from the historical record when he is twelve, until he reappears in the Galilee when he is nearly thirty years of age. Why did he vanish? Where did he go? What did he do? Who were the Magi and why were they so interested in him that they sought him out soon after his birth? How did he acquire the powers that led him to become a famous healer and miracle-worker? From whom did he learn those transcendent values of compassion, forgiveness, and love that were nowhere to be found in the cruel and unforgiving world into which he was born?
Based on extensive research and infused with imaginative energy, Jeshua offers surprising answers to these and many of the other questions that linger around the identity and life experiences of Jesus. From its compelling opening pages to its resonant conclusion, this novel invites the reader to travel through the dangerous, turbulent times which the remarkable young Jesus lived his life.


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